the drained-brash woman

Life is consistent; the way we see it isn't

a toast to the new lovers and the old the meek stargazers and the bold the warm hearted and the cold


how much longer before the only charm that matters is what's inside your heart

if i stop reminding you how worthless you are you are worthless to me

There’s magic inside you

our whole life we tell ourselves the right moment will come the right moment will present itself that's when our magic would work how wrong of us to fail to realize that there isn't really a right time except when... Continue Reading →

It’s not monsters I’m scared of, it’s the people

Being scared doesn't always mean the monster you had been seeing in your nightmares ever-since you were a child and later when you grew up and researched you found out it was actually some scientific stuff happening inside your brain... Continue Reading →

One way or another

After making a huge lot of mistakes I have finally learnt how the idea of the world's perspective works The world's perspective is that there is no perspective That in one way or another I am always wrong That in... Continue Reading →

Everyone wants a piece of you They use and modify it to their pleasure But nobody cares to arrange them back in order when they leave You're supposed to find them Gather them Knit them back together And piece them... Continue Reading →

How irrational and absurd It is That some people want to be with a poet Do they not see That if the poetry continues to go on About the woes of the heart If it continues to be about longing... Continue Reading →

Plain blank holes

There are some people we meet and then we stop meeting them one day But then what is the point of their presence in our lives? Because all they leave are plain blank holes And we even get used to... Continue Reading →

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