A little about me:

I’m an A2 student; this blog features the unedited versions or rather, drafts, of my written pieces.

There are three main categories: Prose, Poetry and a NEW category featuring bits from my diary called From the diary of rumaisash.

If you want to read specifically the posts from my diary then head on to the page “Spilled straight outta my journal to find them all listed in chronological order.

You can comment anonymously if that’s more comfortable for you but please (I repeat please) do drop by a word of feedback if you’ve been here.
I like to know if someone took out their precious time just to read me.
Even if I don’t know who you are, your feedback still motivates me and keeps me going.

In case you’re short on time, here are some links to my personal favourites up till now. The first one is really close to my heart, while the rest of them are in no particular order ( I’m sorry but I don’t think I have it in me to grade them ).
You can access them directly from here:

The soothing wind of my city

My mind-crafted creature of perfection

So what’s there, in the middle?

Have you ever fallen in Love?

Love:- a synopsis:

July 2018

I hope God understands

You’ll Knock And I won’t Answer

A Drug Called Petrichor

Plain Blank Holes

The Poet or The Poetry, choose one

A Single Sunset or around the World in a Day?

It is sad, but it is possible

Thank you