Rant#5 destiny?

Whenever I write things and then don't post them at once, I end up not posting them at all because my mood, my emotions, and my thoughts have changed or lost that intensity where I don't want to talk about it anymore, it just doesn't click. No matter how good it is, I'll discard it... Continue Reading →


Letters unaddressed

My words are flying shouting your name Going here going there Going everywhere but going nowhere Because letters unaddressed Can't go anywhere They keep coming back to me And it's okay I'll write and then read them for you It's a good thing I have never wanted a reply Because i have grown up writing... Continue Reading →

Not caring isn’t mean

Caring takes effort. You cant just sit there in your own corner and wait for a person to come to you so you can be kind in return for their kindness. That is not caring, that's just the zero on a scale of kind to mean. It's neither kind nor mean. It's nothing. . Please... Continue Reading →

Rant #4 of toddlers and steam

Today i had the pleasure or the displeasure of staring the side of a mug full off boiling water And i saw how intact the steam was when it left the container and how quickly it was dispersing as soon as it was a few centimeters away from the mug Somehow looking at the sight... Continue Reading →

The one I sing lullabies to

The wine i drink might feel right But drunk-wooing will never be fair Wanting to let go and yet not able to go How do you go and where can you go? But right now, that Is the least of my worries Because there are scarier things To be worried about Like the adult Sleeping... Continue Reading →

I just want to go home

It's a sunny afternoon The sun's burning my face And i feel nothing I let it burn me Because i am burning From the inside already I am tired I am so tired I just want to go home Where is home? When will I go home? The moisture never leaves my eyes Never abandoning,... Continue Reading →


Dear diary, I know as per schedule I should have written to you in February but winter rain doesn't care about my damn schedule. It is so frustrating that I have to type this on my phone, hidden inside my blanket, because apparently I am supposed to be tucked in bed. I really like typing... Continue Reading →

rant#2 Shilpa Rao and math problems?

I have a confession, i have been listening to khuda jane nonstop i dont know why. I first heard (or more accurately, noticed) Shilpa Rao's voice in Paar Chanaa De and even though i liked Arif Lohar's version better than coke studio's, I just really like her voice. I don't know shite about music but... Continue Reading →

rant#1 untitled

Do you sometimes feel like you were actually worth something, that you were actually capable of so much more? I sometimes feel like there is something inside my head, that is eating away at the shreds of my brain. That i have become slow. I zone out so frequently now, and my attention span was... Continue Reading →

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